Curriculum Vitae

Work Experiences

Samsung Electronics (China) R&D Center
Senior Software Engineer
Jan 2017 – Present
  • Bixby Management System server side. Using Spring boot and mybatis.
  • IoT Rubin, base on the big data and streaming analytics of IoT and edge devices.
Software Engineer
Jul 2016 – Dec 2017
  • Using AngularJS rewrite SVACE manager [a J2EE product]. Including ui-grid and bootstrap.
Jan 2014 – Jun 2016
  • Design and implement Scala checkers using Abstract Syntax Tree and Control Flow Graphic to validate DOM/CSS and Tizen Web API restriction.
  • Developed over 100 static analysis rule checker and semantic models using Scala for a JavaScript/HTML analysis and optimize framework. This task helps to reduce ECMAScript static analysis false alarms and improve code coverage.
  • Designed an Android launcher mixing with native and hybrid application management, which supports porting Samsung Tizen Web Runtime to Android platform making it possible to install non-apk package to Android phone.
Feb 2011 – Dec 2013
  • Developed Bluetooth, Calendar, Messaging, NFC modules of Samsung Web API, which enables developers to create Android application and interact with Android Framework using JS/CSS/HTML. (Site:
  • Implemented automatic test suite base on Eclipse platform, including test case management, remote execution and report generation.
  • Toolkit of generating WIDL from HTML using Python.
Primeton Technologies, inc.
Software Engineer
Jun 2007 – Oct 2010
  • Involved in studio design and development of enterprise middleware platform by Eclipse RCP. Supported Bank of Communications and Huawei in business.
  • Developed framework for a WYSIWYG web dev tool with Eclipse RCP and ExtJS.


     Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Python
     Framework: Eclipse, OSGi


Southeast University
Undergraduate Software Engineering