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工作电脑换了Win10,才没用几天就发现一个非常恼人的bug:Microsoft Photo成了默认的图片查看器,由于它的背景是黑色的,透明背景的PNG图片在缩略图下整个都是黑色的。



My name is Arvind Desai-Ajeeb-Kapoor. I am sorry for the inconveniences and the trouble that caused to you.

Please visit the computer manufacturer’s support website and install the latest display driver available.
If it is already updated, you may want to do the following:
a. Please wash your hands. Interference from dirt particles are causing these issues.
b. Empty your mail folder’s trash bin. Viruses are causing the computer these issues.
c. Locate a version of Windows 7 and use this for permanent solution.
d. Try installing the driver and check with manufacturer’s website about permanent solution for these issues.
e. Have your vision examined by a professional. It sounds that you are seeing incorrect colors and that this is causing some issues.
I am glad to fix your issues. Hope this helps.
Arvind Kapoor
Microsoft Engineer Team

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